Springtime Visualization Exercise

White Iceberg Rose Bush

This white rose bush was once just a “seedling” that grew into a strong vibrant bush.

Want to try a great springtime visualization exercise (a form of meditation) so that you can plant your own “seeds” and realize your own aspirations, goals, and dreams?

It’s something you can do quietly at home, while at work on break, during an exercise routine, or even while commuting.

Using aromatherapy with this would be especially helpful, since it would reinforce the mind, body, and spirit connection. Choose an essential oil blend that simply makes you feel good or try one that is typically used in meditation such as rose, frankincense, sandalwood, or juniper, for example.

Sit quietly and imagine something you wish to do for yourself. Maybe you want to develop the courage to make a career change?  Or you want to work on some aspect of yourself?  Perhaps you want to strengthen a relationship with that someone special in your life?

Think about what it is you’d like to achieve and imagine it being a seed that you plant.  What size, color and shape is the seed? Will you start it off in a container first or put it directly in the ground?  What will you need to give that seed to grow?  How often will you tend to it so that it is healthy?

Imagine giving your seed what it needs.  As time goes on, imagine your seed becoming a seedling, then growing bigger – all the while nurturing it to become a full-grown, strong, healthy plant.  Take notice of how it changes and grows. What will your seed become?  A beautiful flower? A healing herb?  A fragrant bush? A tall tree?

Do others see it?  Is it in public view or tucked away in a secret garden?  Is it something only for you or could it be a gift for others as well?

Continue this exercise several times until you have reached your goal.  When your plant is fully grown and healthy, be aware of all that you have done to nurture it and help it along its way.  Once just a tiny seed, it may now be ready to set seed. As the seeds blow away, imagine they find rich soil to settle into and begin to grow. Imagine… what were once just your dreams and aspirations have grown into a reality – beautiful for all to see.

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