Into Full Bloom: From Idea into Reality

Fragrant Pink Rose in Bloom

Fragrant Pink Rose In Bloom

As I sat in yoga class in lotus position – legs crossed, hands resting on my knees with palms facing upwards towards the sky – the teacher reminded us that just like the buds are beginning to push up through the soil in the springtime, so too, are our bodies beginning to awaken.  We are essentially emerging from a season of darkness, rest, and inwardness, becoming more outward and accustomed to the light.  As the days grow longer, our energy reserves become greater too, and we become more open to taking on new projects, starting to exercise again, etc.

Springtime is the perfect time to plant our “seeds” — those things we wish for ourselves, whether they be mental, physical, or spiritual in nature.  Just as our body is changing and transitioning, so too are our thoughts, moods, and aspirations.  With proper care and the right amount of time, our “seeds” will begin to grow into healthy, strong “plants,” reaching towards the sky.

It’s something that can’t be rushed.  We need to give it time.  Roots need to grow.  Rain needs to fall.  The sun needs to shine. Time needs to pass. It’s only then, when we give our “growing plants” (i.e., our dreams, goals, and aspirations) enough time to become strong, healthy, and firmly rooted, that we can enjoy the long, warm, sunny days of summer ahead.  It’s only then we can come “into full bloom” like the flowers – unique, glorious, colorful, and full of life, just like each one of us.

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