Karen Profile PhotoWelcome to Well Gal! I’m so happy that you could stop by. You see, I love helping people and sharing what I know about holistic health, wellness, and green living, including the latest research, innovations, products, recipes, news, events, and DIY techniques in the field. I really want to help you achieve a healthy and well-balanced, holistic lifestyle that suits you personally.

My background in eco-friendly and whole living includes, but is not limited to, training and certifications in holistic health, writing for About.com (now TheSpruce.com) as a Green Cleaning Expert, and working as a Holistic Health Educator for my own business. Of course, years of being a mom and dealing with everyday health challenges, meal preparation, and lifestyle choices in a holistic manner has been part of my experience as well. It’s brought a lot of practical insights into the difficulties and benefits that can be encountered when incorporating new changes into my life and that of my family’s.

So, I really do understand some of the struggles you may be going through. I know it’s not easy, but I truly believe it’s worth it! Therefore, I would like to invite you on my journey to achieving balance – body, mind, and soul – and wellness with renewing alternative therapies and easy everyday health and lifestyle changes.

Why not join me? Get your wellness groove on! Whether it’s Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbology, nutrition, spa therapies, green cleaning, or more, I cover it all here on Well Gal. Discover some really fun DIY spa-at-home treatments, health and green living guides, practical tips, and more. Plus, get hip to the latest green living and wellness products. Also, every now and then I offer workshops.

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Holistic Health & Wellness Educator & Writer


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