Need a New Cleaning Buddy?

Meet Eco-Me’s Green Cleaning Product Line.

While perusing the green cleaning section at my local Whole Foods Market, I recently discovered Eco-Me‘s natural cleaning products line. New to the store, each bright, colorful product had friendly names in large, bold letters prominently displayed on the label that seemed to shout out to me, “Hey, friend! Check me out.” I couldn’t help but take notice of the attractive packaging of the “Bill, Dave, Emily, Matt, Phil, Kate, Suzy, Jack, and Emma” cleaning products. They all had a specialty (e.g., cleaning floors, toilets, carpets, etc.) and definitely wanted to get my attention.

Eco-Me Pre-Mixed Cleaning Pack

I decided to go over and “introduce” myself to “Bill” or rather, “Bill by Eco-Me, All Purpose Cleaner” as he’s called formally. He wasn’t shy bragging about himself. In fact, he was a “natural” at acting “all-natural.” Right on the label in a big block of orange color, “Bill” gives a spiel about how great vinegar works and mentions how no harmful ingredients are in the product to re-assure me that I was getting a safe, environmentally friendly product.

Impressed, I decided to take “Bill” home to see if everything he claimed was true. Bill was no liar. Read my review of the “Bill by Eco-Me, All Purpose Cleaner” for all the dirty details. And say hello to “Bill” for me the next time you see him at the store.

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Photo © Eco-Me

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