Want to Heal Your Gut & Regain Control of Your Health? Check Out This Summit!

How’s your gut? Sometimes you know it’s not so great if you’re frequently belching or burping after meals, experiencing bloating, or having gas, right? Or perhaps you suspect you’re sensitive to certain foods since you just don’t feel so great after eating them? Maybe you know you should do something to address gut health, especially if you’ve recently gotten off a round of antibiotics, for instance. But, unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know anything is wrong, because the tell-tale signs aren’t there. They’re much more subtle — and often don’t happen immediately, but creep in over time. For example, you might have mood issues like depression, a lack of energy, allergies, chronic pain, weight that won’t budge, chronic fatigue, and more. Well, did you know these can stem from your gut not working properly? And there’s something you can do about it?

Free & Online January 18 - 25, 2016.

In addition to learning about gut heath basics, they’ll also be addressing things such as:

  • Secrets to overcome candida and yeast
  • Healing the gut to boost immunity, overcome auto-immunity diseases, and fight cancer
  • Weight loss through improved digestive health
  • Ways to recover from irritable bowel syndrome
  • Hormone balancing and libido
  • Reversing allergies and autoimmunity with foods and herbal remedies
  • Healing anxiety through the gut
  • The oral-gut health connection

Since your gut is the cornerstone of true health, why not join me at the seminar? Register here. And don’t forget to check out my social media sites for updates on the daily speakers and topics! I’ll be sharing info. on the Well Gal Facebook page as well as Twitter most likely.

Also, if you come to this post late in the game, it’s still worth registering for the summit. Often the final day is a bonus day, where you’ll get to listen to some of the most popular talks. Plus, when you register, you get access to a couple of free talks as I mentioned before.

By the way, as you start listening to the talks, don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave comments, especially if you come across something really amazing you want to share. And please let friends and family know about this great free event!

Is your gut telling you to join the Heal Your Gut Summit? Hope so! See you there!

Missed the free summit? It’s not too late to catch it. Purchase the videos and transcripts here.

Disclosure: As I’m a full believer in empowering yourself through education to enhance your own health and wellness, I signed up as an affiliate of the Heal Your Gut Summit.

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One thought on “Want to Heal Your Gut & Regain Control of Your Health? Check Out This Summit!

  1. John Gatesby

    I missed this summit, I wish I had known earlier about this and got a chance to be a part of extremely enlightening discussions on gut health. Due to technology, there are lots of exciting changes happening. There is this technology company started by Naveen Jain, that focuses on individual gut, studies them extensively through AI, and offers customizable solutions. According to Naveen, in the future getting sick will be entirely optional.

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