10 Great Herbal Gifts

May 4th is Herb Day and Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so what better way to share the goodness of herbs with someone you care about than with an herbal gift? Check out these great ideas that got you covered for all the special people in your life — from the cooking enthusiast to the gardener to the spa goer.

Bottled Lavender Set

Wouldn’t this trio of vintage-appeal bottles with bird-motif caps look lovely on a bathroom vanity or a kitchen counter? The lavender buds would be perfect for use in an herbal tea bath or in recipes, such as lavender lemonade. Available at Creekside Farms.

Trio of Lavender Bud Bottles with Bird Motif.

Lavender Bud Bottles. Photo courtesy of Creekside Farms.

Chalkboard Planter Set

Get someone started on an herbal garden with this chic, urban-feeling Chalkboard Planter Set from West Elm. Great for a balcony or a windowsill, they’re sure to be enjoyed season after season!

West Elm Chalkboard Planter Set with Stand

West Elm’s Chalkboard Planter Set is perfect for a potted herb garden. Photo courtesy of West Elm.

Fresh Herb Garden

For a limited time now, the Pottery Barn is offering a trio of savory, organic herbs in a vintage-looking wooden trough that would add some stylish, farm-appeal to any kitchen counter top.

Herb Measuring Spoons

These West Elm light green ceramic measuring spoons with a basil leaf design would make measuring herbs for cooking, tea, or at-home spa treatments extra special!

West Elm Herb Measuring Spoons

West Elm Herb Measuring Spoons. Photo courtesy of West Elm.


Herbal Vinegars

Mmmm. Great as a salad dressing, a marinade, or even an ice cream topping, herbal vinegars are delicious. Check out some gourmet selections from Beyond the Olive, such as Rozendal Lavender Vinegar, Sparrow Lane Tarragon Champagne White Vinegar, or Raspberry Basil (featured in the image below).

Herb Saver

Tired of wilted herbs? Try an herb saver! It will make your fresh herbs last up to three weeks in the refrigerator. I especially like this one from Williams Sonoma.

Herb Scissors

For the cook for has everything, treat her or him to a pair of herb scissors. The ones with a set of three blades, such as those at Crate & Barrel, are specially nice because they are designed to snip herbs without crushing or bruising the leaves. Plus, they make adding herbs to your favorite recipes a breeze!

Herb Soap

What could be better than lathering up with a bar of herbal soap? Check out this Herb Garden Soap soap from Williams Sonoma, it not only moisturizers with its goat’s milk base, but it exfoliates, too. Great for use in the kitchen or the shower.

Hudson Valley Herb Seed Packets

Wrap these gorgeously designed herbal seed packets in a pretty string and you’ve got a practical gift for the gardening aficionado. Don’t you agree? Available at West Elm.

Hudson Valley Herb Seed Packets

These Hudson Valley organic herb seed packets would make a great gift for a gardener. Photo courtesy of West Elm.


Kitchen Herb Wreath

Fragrance a whole room with this Creekside Farms wreath featuring six culinary herbs grown without pesticides: bay, rosemary, dill, oregano, sage, and lavender. Perfect for the cooking enthusiast!

Kitchen Herb Wreath

Kitchen Herb Wreath. Photo courtesy of Creekside Farms.

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3 thoughts on “10 Great Herbal Gifts

  1. Penelope Smith

    I want to get my sister some really nice herb gifts for her birthday. It is good to know that I can get her some herb soaps. I wonder if I can get her a herb bath bomb. My sister loves taking baths, and I know that she would love to have something she can put into her bath.

  2. [email protected]

    Absolutely these all are fantastic herbal gifts. I don’t see any other alternative beside this. Specially Lavender set is a great gift. I hope that everybody will learn lot more about herbal products after getting this sort of herbal gifts. Great article:)

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