Give Green Cleaning A Go!

Great at buying organic foods? Careful about exercising? Use only natural make-up? But still haven’t tried green cleaning?

Well, if you haven’t used eco-friendly cleaning products, give it some serious consideration. Using natural and non-toxic cleaning products and tools is just as important as eating organic foods and using natural skincare. It’s really a part of our overall health and wellness, since what we use to clean our homes becomes not only part of our environment, but literally part of us, too.

While cleaning, we breathe in the chemicals we use and often absorb them through our skin.  Our bodies try to eliminate what they can, but often some of the chemicals remain within us. Sadly, this fact has been proven by many scientific studies, which show that a host of dangerous chemicals have found their way into breast milk, urine, and more.

Unlike many conventional cleaning products that contain toxic, dangerous, synthetic, and unnecessary chemicals, like chlorine, ammonia, and Triclosan, green cleaning products often contain non-toxic, safe, and natural chemicals that won’t harm you or the environment. In fact, many of the ingredients that you can use to green clean, such as vinegar, may very well already be in your own kitchen cupboard!

Still not convinced? Check out my article, “10 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today!” to give you an idea of all the wonderful benefits behind this effective, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning method.

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