Beat the Cleaning Blahs with Aromatherapy

You know what I’m talking about. After spending a week doing taxes, weeding my garden, and paying a mountain of bills, somehow I found every excuse I could to do anything — no matter how boring or unimportant — other than picking up a sponge to do some much needed cleaning around the house.

Maybe all I needed was a little revitalizing and energy?

Well, it dawned on me that adding a little aromatherapy to my green cleaning regimen would help! Aromatherapy uses pure, all-natural essential oils derived from plants that are not only great for cleaning due to their antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, but they can directly have an impact on your mood and make you feel better. They are also very inexpensive, earth friendly, and can be added to either store-bought unscented, cleaning products or to your own natural recipes, such as this great aromatherapy cleanser.

For my stressed and energy lacking state, I used a combination of lavender and peppermint essential oils, which are known to relax the nervous system and increase alertness, respectively. Once I started cleaning, I got motivated to do more than I set out to and before I knew it, I had cleaned the whole bathroom and my kitchen. Afterwards, I was able to switch gears and wind down for the evening, thanks to my aromatherapy.

Check out the top 5 essential oils you can use in your cleaning today and start feeling good again about tackling those chores! I promise that you’ll beat the cleaning blahs, too.

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